Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keatons/Hellfire Sermons split flexi (1992)

The Keatons "Gold Vanes"/Hellfire Sermons "Callaghan" split flexi. Audacious One. 1992.

Solace flexi (1991?)

Solace "My Brightest Star" flexi. Glam Records (Glam 001). 1991?

Saturn V/Foaming Beauties split flexi (1991)

Saturn V "She's Gone"/Foaming Beauties "The Way We Were" split flexi. Pop Bus (No. 1). 1991.

Strawberry Story - The Literary Achievement of Soft Fruit flexi (1990)

Strawberry Story "Buttercups & Daisies"/"Midsummers Daydream" flexi. 1990.

Windmill 2 (They Go Boom!!/Dreamscape/Strawberry Story) split flexi (1991)

Windmill 2 (They Go Boom!! "She's Like A Dream"/Dreamscape "Strange Story"/Strawberry Story "Behind This Smile") split flexi. Windmill Records (Two). 1991.

Windmill One (Fat Tulips/Ap[plicants/Haywains/Paintbox) split flexi (1990)

Windmill One (The Fat Tulips "Angels Amongst Us"/The Applicants "Had Enough Of You"/The Haywains "Forget Me Not"/Paintbox "Opus 10") split flexi. Windmill Records (One). 1990.

Fat Tulips 5" flexi (1990)

Fat Tulips "Amelia" 5" flexi. Spindly Killer Fish Records (SPIN 10). 1990. With Precious fanzine No. 3.

Fat Tulips/Rosehips split flexi (1987)

Fat Tulips "You Opened Up My Eyes"/The Rosehips "Ask Johnny Dee" split flexi. Sweet William (Billy 001). 1987.

Spinning Jennys/Fat Tulips split flexi (1990)

The Spinning Jennys "Splendid"/The Fat Tulips "A Girl Called Suicide" split flexi. 1990. With Big Muff fanzine No. 1.

They Live flexi (198?)

They Live "Charlie" flexi. Flexi One. 198?

Losers flexi (1990)

The Losers "Faith and the Future"/"State That I'm In" flexi. Floppy Records (FLOP 003). 1990.

Stupid Cupids/Paulie Chastain split flexi (1987)

The Stupid Cupids "Big Blue Bus"/Paulie Chastain "Raining All Day" split flexi. The Bus Stop Label. 1987.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cudgels - Belly Button Sundae flexi (1991)

The Cudgels "Red Nosed Man"/"Toy" flexi. Lovely Records (Lofa 05). 1991. With issue no. 4 of Biscuits fanzine.

Antiseptic Beauty flexi (1991)

Antiseptic Beauty "The Truth Is I Lied" flexi. Celestial Recordings. 1991.

White Town - Darley Abbey flexi (1990)

White Town "Cold As Hell"/"Christmas" flexi. Lovely (lofa 006). 1990.

Whirl/Crocodile Ride split flexi (1989)

Whirl "Bizarre Love Triangle"/Crocodile Ride "Shimmer" split flexi. Sound of Spasm 2. 1989. With issue no. 2 of Spasm fanzine.

Family - What Frank Said flexi (1990)

The Family "What Frank Said" flexi. Raving Pop Blast! (RAVE 11FX). 1990. With issue no. 2 of The Fine Art of Shoplifting fanzine.