Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Many Beans Make 5/Popguns split flexi (1988)

How Many Beans Make Five "Another Friendly Face"/The Popguns "Where Do You Go?" flexi (La-Di-Da). 1988.

Mousefolk - Don't Let Me Slip Away flexi (1988?)

Mousefolk "Don't Let Me Slip Away"/"Spinning Round" flexi (Surf's Up). 1988?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Riot of Colour - Skink flexi (1986)

A Riot of Colour "Skink"/"Newtown" flexi. 1986.

The Morrisons - Listen to Your Heart flexi (1986)

The Morrisons "Listen to Your Heart"/"Everytime I Open the Bottle" flexi. 1986.

1000 Violins/The Man Who Knew About Trees split flexi (198?)

1000 Violins "You Ungrateful Bastard"/The Man Who Knew About Trees "Perhaps I'll Never Learn" flexi. 198? Free with Hello, Good Evening and Welcome fanzine.

Shop Assistants/Chesterfields split flexi (1985)

The Shop Assistants "Home Again"/The Chesterfields "Nose Out of Joint" flexi (Golden Pathway). Free with issue No. 4 of The Legend! fanzine. 1985.

Trixies Big Red Motorbike/Clive Pig split flexi (1984)

Trixies Big Red Motorbike "That's the End of That"/Clive Pig "As Soon as She's Gone" flexi (Nathan Records). Free with Wally's Dog fanzine. 1984.

Tiny Town - Back to the Bow flexi (1983)

Tiny Town "Back to the Bow"/"Big Fish" flexi. 1983.

Bluebells/Del Amitri split flexi (1982)

The Bluebells "Happy Birthday"/Del Amitri "What She Calls It" flexi (Mass Market). Free with Stand & Deliver No.6. 1982.

Joy Division - Komakino flexi (1980)

Joy Division "Komakino"/"Incubation" /"As You Said" flexi (FAC 28). Limited to 10,000 copies. Given away free. 1980.

TV Personalities - Biff, Bang, Pow! flexi (1982)

TV Personalities "Biff, Bang, Pow!"/"A Picture of Dorian Gray (live)" flexi (Creation Artifact). Given away with Communication Blur fanzine, issue #2. 1982.

Orange Juice - Felicity flexi (1980)

Orange Juice "Felicity" flexi (I wish I was a Postcard). Given away with the first 1000 copies of the debut Orange Juice 45 ("Falling and Laughing" Postcard 80-1). 1980.

Laughing Apple/Pastels split flexi (1983)

Laughing Apple "Wouldn't You?"/Pastels "I Wonder Why!" flexi (Creation Artifact)
. Came with copies of the first Creation Records 45 (The Legend! "73 in 83" CRE001). 1983.