Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Becketts flexi (1989)

The Becketts "Hot Water"/"Hurricane" flexi (Lovely). 1989.

Peach Thieves flexi (1988)

The Peach Thieves "Out of the Nowhere"/"Morecambe Bay" flexi (Uncle). 1988.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eye Pilgrims/Choo Choo Train split flexi (1989)

Eye Pilgrims "Wall of Sand"/Choo Choo Train "Many Happy Returns" split flexi (Woosh 010). 1989.

St. James Infirmary/Sunflowers split flexi (1989)

St. James Infirmary "The Boy Who Crossed the Street"/Sunflowers "Bubble Bus" split flexi (Woosh 008). 1989.

Pooh Sticks flexi (1989)

Pooh Sticks "Hard on Love" flexi (Woosh 007). 1989.

Groove Farm/Esmerelda's Kite split flexi (1989)

Groove Farm "Heaven is Blue"/Esmerelda's Kite "Vampire Girl" split flexi (Woosh 006). 1989.

Haywains flexi (1988)

The Haywains "the Surfin' Trowbridge e.p." ("Bythesea Road"/"Tobe's gone West") flexi (Woosh 003). 1988.

Driscolls/Strawberry Story split flexi (1988)

The Driscolls "Fathers Name is Dad"/Strawberry Story "Tell Me Now" split flexi (Woosh 002). 1988.

Holiday Makers/Nivens split flexi (1988)

The Holiday Makers "Everyday"/The Nivens "Let Loose of My Knee" split flexi (Woosh 001). 1988.