Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Gun/Basil Pieroni split flexi (1986)

The Big Gun "You'll Always Give Your Best"/Basil Pieroni "Don't Ever Go Away Again" flexi (hi-Fibre) (BIG 001). 1986.

Grooveyard/Ever split flexi (1988)

The Grooveyard "Summer"/Ever "Sleepyhead" flexi (Playroom Discs) (Playflex 1). 1988.

Wildhouse/Sandflowers split flexi (1987)

The Wildhouse "All of Her Men"/The Sandflowers "Spiral" flexi (Dark Side of the Haggis) (DSH 2). 1987.

Nine Steps to Ugly flexi (1987)


Nine Steps to Ugly "Eddie Lopez Lives in Slough"/"Bobby Charlton's Haircut" flexi. 1987.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Enormous Room flexi (1986)

The Enormous Room "I Don't Need You"/"Melanie and Martin" flexi (Medium Cool). 1986.

Raw Herbs flexi (1986)

The Raw Herbs "Old Joe"/"That's How it is" flexi (Medium Cool). 1986.

Cherry Orchard flexi (1988)

The Cherry Orchard "So Blind"/"Build it up" flexi (Red Honey). 1988

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Farley 708 flexi (1987)

Farley 708 "Andy Wilson's Trousers"/"Andy Wilson's Coat" flexi (trip-trip to a Dream Dragon!). 1987.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Razorcuts/Wolfhounds split flexi (1986)

Razorcuts "Sad Kaleidoscope"/The Wolfhounds "Rats on a Raft" flexi. 1986.

Legend/Soup Dragons split flexi (1985)

The Legend "Talk Open"/The Soup Dragons "If You Were the Only Girl in the World Would You Take Me?" flexi (Popshop). 1985.

Esmerelda's Kite/Williams split flexi (1988)

Esmereleda's Kite "In A Whirl"/"Roundabout"/The Williams "I Know I'm Nothing Special To You" flexi (Sunshine). 1988.

Splendour in the Grass/14 Iced Bears split flexi (1988)

Splendour in the Grass "Twist Me"/14 Iced Bears "Lie to Choose" flexi (Penetration). 1988.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cumbersome/Candie Maids split flexi (1987)

Cumbersome "Billie"/Candie Maids "Threadbare" flexi (Sexy Flexi). 1987.

Badgeman?/Mayfields split flexi (1988)

The Badgeman? "Go Insane!"/The Mayfields "All You Ever Say" flexi (Compact & Bijou). 1988.

St. Christopher - Forevermore Starts Here flexi (1987)

St. Christopher "Forevermore Starts Here"/"Remember Me To Her"/"Sinking Ships" flexi (Veston 33). 1987.

14 Iced Bears/Hermit Crabs split flexi (1987)

14 Iced Bears "Balloon Song"/The Hermit Crabs "Surfing Mice" flexi. 1987.

Beat Happening - Honey Pot flexi (1988)

Beat Happening "Honey Pot"/"Don't Mix the Colours" flexi (53rd & 3rd). 1988

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Darling Buds/Bubblegum Splash! split flexi (1987)

The Darling Buds "Spin"/Bubblegum Splash! "If Only" flexi. 1987.

Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - Darkside flexi (198?)

Hangman's Beautiful Daughters "Darkside"/"Pushing Me Too Far" flexi. 198?

House of Love - Shine On (fuck version) flexi (1988)

House of Love - Shine On (fuck version) flexi (Creation Artefact). Limited edition giveaway. 1988.