Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tony Head Experience - Albatross flexi (1991)

The Tony Head Experience "Albatross E.P." ("Oh Yeah, Albatross"/"Frontiers"/"Swing") flexi. 1991. With Submerge No. 4.

Senseless Things/Bugeyes split flexi (1991)

Senseless Things "Remember Me"/Bugeyes "Sea and Sand" split flexi. 1991. With Submerge No. 3.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Palisades "A Month Too Soon"/"Today of All Days" flexi. 1987. Free with Vortex magazine.

Th' Faith Healers/Who Moved The Ground?/Love Buttons/Screeming Custard split flexi (1991)

Th' Faith Healers "Domehead"/Who Moved The Ground? "Pretentious"/The Love Buttons "Banging My Head"/Screeming Custard "Ashtray" split flexi. Big Muff (BIG BIG 2). 1991. Free with Big Muff fanzine No. 2.

Bubble Bus/Paisley Shirts split flexi (1995)

Bubble Bus "It's A Clear Day"/The Paisley Shirts "Stack Of Dreams" split flexi. Rover Records (ROV000). 1995. Edition of 500.

My Bloody Valentine/Pacific split flexi (1989)

My Bloody Valentine "Sugar"/Pacific "December, With The Day" split flexi. The Catalogue (CAT067). 1989. Free with The Catalogue magazine, February 1989.

Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot flexi (1988)

Sonic Youth "Teenage Riot" flexi. The Catalogue (CAT064). 1988. Free with The Catalogue magazine, October 1988.

The Birthday Party - Dead Joe flexi (1982)

The Birthday Party "Dead Joe" flexi. Masterbag (BAG 005). 1982. Free with Masternag magazine, August, 1982.

Paul Haig - Blue flexi (1982)

Paul Haig "Blue" flexi. Masterbag (BAG 003). 1982. Free with Masterbag magazine, July 1982.

Game Thoery - Dead Center flexi (1983)

Game Theory "Dead Center" flexi. Rational Records. 1983.

The Jam - Pop Art Poem flexi (1981)

The Jam "Pop Art Poem"/Boy About Town" flexi. Felxipop (002). Free with Flexipop magazine. 1981.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tricycle Popstar flexi (1993)

Tricycle Popstar "I Like Curry Rice"/"The Rocking Chairs' Still Rocking" flexi. Behavior Saviour (BS 005). 1993.

Milky Way No. 1 flexi (1991)

Milky Way No. 1 flexi. Honeybunch "Nothing But Trouble"/Small Factory "The Giant Merry-Go-Wrong"/The Bachelor Pad "Sunshower Sun". 1991.

Winter's Mist flexi (199?)

Winter's Mist flexi. Veronica Lake "Emma Maybe"/The Serenas "Come Back Kitty Cat!"/Huck "Wavin' My Arms In The Air"/Snowball "Water Boatman". Given away with Amish Ways fanzine. 199?

Allen Clapp/Bridge split flexi (1991)

Allen Clapp "Very Peculiar Feeling"/Bridge "Motorcycle Angel" split flexi. Four Letter Words (flw002). 1991.

Honeybunch flexi (1991)

Honeybunch "Crooked Mile"/"Time Trials" flexi. Four Letter Words (flw001). 1991.