Saturday, December 19, 2009

Candy Thieves flexi (1990)

The Candy Thieves "Underwater"/"Homeboy" flexi (Trolley). 1990.

Wedding Present flexi (1993)

The Wedding Present "Get Flexed Again" flexi ("Crawl"/"Queen Of Outer Space"/"Come Play With Me"). 1993. Recorded live 12-12-92 at Brixton Academy.

Orange Juice - Poor Old Soul flexi (1984)

Orange Juice "Poor Old Soul (Live)" flexi. Polydor (JUICE 1). 1984. Given away free with "Bridge" 7".

Darling Buds flexi (1992)

The Darling Buds "Please Yourself" flexi. 1992. Given away with Lime Lizard magazine, September, 1992.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gear/Furnt split flexi (199?)

Gear "Star"/Furnt "Necessary Evil" split flexi. Hair Records (Hair 6). 199?

Melons flexi (1993)

The Melons "Show Me Wishes Worth More Than These" flexi ("Fire-Engine Girl"/"Wishes"/"A Day's Rut"). Heaven Records. 1993.

Wait flexi (1987)

The Wait "Without Me"/"Beaches & Parks" flexi. 1987. Given away with Can't Be Beat! fanzine issue 2.

Tree Fort Angst flexi (1993)

Tree Fort Angst "Parting Kiss" flexi. Ad Libitum Pop (Ad Lib 3). 1993.

Non Stop Kazoo Organization flexi (1993)

Non Stop Kazoo Organization "Mystery Pet"/"Song About A Happy Day To Come" flexi. Ad Libitum Pop (Ad Lib 1). 1993.